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Re: PLO100 Does he just always have it here??

Flop call seems ambitious.

I clearly have no history with villain, but on the turn ask yourself if you were a tight reg out of position why would you pot the turn when your "boat" hits and drive away a player who called the flop and now another draw has hit on the turn. Sure villain might be trying to conceal JJ or 88 but it really makes no sense to pot bet and drive you out of the hand. I am a tight passive player and I would never play a set this way. I might play A high FD + pair, or over pair + FD / SD but definitely not a boat. I'm checking the turn or betting half pot to try and entice you to bet or call (if I had a boat). The last thing I want to do is pot and have you fold. I like money, villain probably does too.

I'm raising turn because if he has draws I don't want him to come along cheap and am happy to get it in as I feel like we're rarely behind here.

As played river is a call, doubtful he will call a raise with anything other than a boat or A2xx
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