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PLO100 Does he just always have it here??

Hero - Mobile App game. I am about a 5 bb/100 winner over 2500 hands in this game. The rake is high and rakeback is terrible but runs wild enough to make it worthwhile. I play pretty tight overall and the player in this hand knows that I am pretty tight. I am also too sticky which I am working on. $400

Villain - Tight reg. Usually shows up with the goods more often than not. Passive preflop. Almost never 3b without AA or a good situation to iso shortstack. $350

OTTH 8 handed
Folded to Hero on button.
Hero $3.5 with A2 T9
SB folds. Villain in BB calls.

Flop ($7.50)

Villain bets $7.5
Hero calls.

Turn ($22.50) 2
Villain bets $22.50
Hero calls.

River ($67.50) 4
Villain bets $67.50
Hero ????????
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