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Originally Posted by stinkypete View Post
i'd hardly call that subtle, and it would be pretty trivial to write a script to check for it constantly, if they were interested in catching cheaters. if it's "unfathomable" for any particular site, it's because they would rather pretend the problem doesn't exist and keep the rake flowing.

of course it would only work for catching high volume cheaters.

what counts as high volume? i'm not talking about some micro grinder playing hundreds of thousands of hands. in those cases it's not even worth doing because you'd be better off just playing straight up.

the risk comes from mid to high stakes players where it's very easy to avoid triggering the script by creating new accounts every x thousand hands. if you're doing this at 25/50 the time/effort it would take to rotate in/out new accounts would be a trivial task relative to the payoff. do you think it would be evident after 10k hands? 5k? it depends on how liberally they're using the info obviously but i think less than 5k hands at 6max and it would all blend in with the statistical noise unless they were really, really cavalier in capitalizing on every single spot that the info was relevant.

i don't agree at all that sites would rather pretend the problem doesn't exist. if there was a cost effective way to do it they'd very gladly get rid of cheaters who are withdrawing at rates faster than most pros. they'd gladly get rid of honest pros if they could without it being a PR nightmare.
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