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Re: Question about the ethics of refunding a student

Originally Posted by IsaacAsimov View Post
Discussion in this thread seemed neither productive nor impartial, so I requested moderator input from Matt Sklansky, who in turn deputized ChicagoRy.

To keep matters short, I have decided to accept ChicagoRy's recommendation for the resolution of the dispute, and have issued the full pro rata refund of EUR375 to BKiCe.
i received 375 euro from daniell today.

one last huge lol at the way you conducted yourself throughout this daniell. i question your sense of ethics as well as your logical reasoning skills and have no idea why anyone would pay for coaching from the type of person who continues to irrationally insist the sky is red and the only reason everyone around him says the sky is blue is because they're impartial or don't fully understand

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