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Originally Posted by ToothSayer View Post
How does gold protect against sovereign default? The economic system is too advanced these days for gold to mean much in that regard. Its long term value is ultimately limited by its value proposition for electronics and the purchasing power of second and third world gold lovers.

Ownership of companies, brands, real estate and taxing power is where wealth and trust in wealth lies, not gold or silver. It will always be a sliver of the value out there which means it hasn't got that far to grow (there's no moon scenario).
If a sovereign debt default occur, almost a guarantee that a devaluation of currency occur.
You will be glad to have some gold.

companies can bankrupt for multiple reasons while gold canít .
Ownership can be risky and ultimately all companies disappeared.

Wealth lies under different form , gold included.

I donít understand how u consider a brand to have great wealth value while you donít with bitcoin ......
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