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Re: Question about the ethics of refunding a student

I have no idea why former students are posting good reviews as it has nothing to do with this. Furthermore the coach has posted a wall of gibberish that I don't understand how anyone can take seriously - we're talking about a simple concept of pro-rating and there is some completely irrelevant non-applicable equation involving alpha lol.

For the coach - your fee is $150/h - you offer a discount for 5 hours because it benefits you to sell a larger amount. The client took this discount but then did not want to move forward after a lesson and requested a refund for the other 4 lessons. He would normally be refunded $480 of the $600, but as this would be unfair to the coach he should be charged $150/h instead of $120 and forfeit the discount. The client says that is fair and is willing to pay $225 for the 1.5 hours and would be owed a $375 refund. That should be the end of this.

For some reason it isn't so the coach is discrediting himself - things like the client not following up are irrelevant - the coach has an equal obligation(if not more) to follow up as he is the one holding funds. Now he seems to be making up some kind of no-refund policy and holding the client's money hostage.

As a coach myself I would just hope for a review of "It wasn't the best fit for me but he is very professional and his knowledge could be helpful to many others" - instead this particular coach is making some imaginative explanations and I would question his ability to apply concepts in the correct scenarios. Seems just like a guy that has used MonkerSolver and charges $100+ an hour to teach people its basic functionalities. You can find way better than this.
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