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Re: Question about the ethics of refunding a student

Originally Posted by R4iseItUp View Post
I understand your logic about getting freerolled, but I think charging 150 euros as a penalty is unfair, too.

Basically you offer 2 Options:

A is 150/h which equals 750 for 5 hours

B is 120/h which equals 600 for 5 hours

So effectively the student "freerolls" you for 30/h and he used 1.5h, so he should pay 45 as penalty and receive 600-225-45 = 330 euros back.
i am offering to pay him 150 euro per hour. if i was attempting to pay the 120 per hour price for my pro-rated amount, i would agree with you, i am freerolling 30 euro/hour. but that's not the case.
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