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Re: stud 8: aces up facing weird action

A couple thoughts:

- the "solid" player has more combos of KQ in the hole possible than KK. You also said he'd raise your complete on 3rd w buried KK or QQ. KcQc in the hole definitely makes sense for a hand he'd flat your complete on 3rd with. He then bets 4th when you check and tries to represent the low draw. He then checks 5th when he pairs his Q, trying to see 6th as cheap as he can when he's facing two scary boards. When you bet 6th, he beats all other two pair unless you have exactly AA in the hole. Sure you could have a 6 in the hole. (65)4 for example. But more combos of buried pairs. Would you have called 4th with (65)4J? Probably not against the two hands your opponents were showing. Would you have bet 5th with (65)4J6? Probably not. He is probably putting you on two pair here and thinking his kings up are good.

- what does the recreational player have? Could he have (TT)7, (T9)7, (T8)7, (T7)7, (98)7, (97)7, or (96)7 on 3rd? Nines are completely live when he catches the nine on 6th. These all seem to fit w how the hand played. If he had a made low on 5th, he would've bet when the "solid" player checked to him. Likewise, he would've three bet 6th. I think recreational player made his straight on the river or made a full house. Think you have to fold here. "Solid" player could've definitely made a full house as well.
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