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Re: Interesting 88 hand facing river shove

i think including v's username would prolly incite some more spot on answers unless hes a noob, which is plausible with this line. Really just not the board for any bluff combos to blast off with and any mid value hand is happily x/c, which leaves the hands that would x/c 579hh flop, imo I'd prefer to x/r as thats our best chance at stacking off and my x/c would be broadway floats w hearts, or 6,8x hh. But population are really under x/r on acr and so a lot of pair/straight draw, pair/fd, 2 pr and combos that he should be stoked to x/r I see called a lot, and then he turns trips, has good 9x, or already boated. And he sizes to bet jam, or just lucked out with the right turn size to jam. But if he called and lost I'd be shocked even with like Kh that he spazzed out with. Takes some balls to jam a double paired board into a player who cbet flop.

I dont think you need to cbet flop though vs bb as you should be getting x/r and that would be very obnoxious with your combo. Especially for 30%, if I did cb 88 it would likely be w/out a heart and I'd go 4bb or so

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