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Re: Hikaru Nakamura vs Chess Brahs

Originally Posted by The Yugoslavian View Post
Anyway, I've gone on this tangent long enough. I fundamentally agree that the chess brahs are more authentic - although I feel Hikaru has made some strides from where he was and really do think he's not coming from a money-grabbing place but simply is trying to promote chess and have some fun. I do get the sense he isn't completely in love with elite-level chess, although even that may not be true given the level he's been able to maintain. How can you do that if it is a 100% grind to you and you could easily "retire" if you wanted to?
I agree with this. As for elite chess, Hikaru was always very competitive, and it's quite possible that he's dissatisfied with coming close but not reaching the very pinnacle there.

It's funny, about a month ago I was playing the Steam game Space Engineers, where my handle is Sicilian. Someone asked in the chat if I was a chess player, and when I said yes, he asked if I was following PogChamps. I've been playing various shooter games under that name for over 20 years, and no one ever asked me about chess before.
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