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Re: Interesting 88 hand facing river shove

Sorry, I wanted to retract and update my last two paragraphs on my post. I'm not sure how, since there is no longer an edit button. In any event, this is what I wanted to say. (your hand is not mediocre, it's actually quite strong)

Side note, I would have checked this flop. There is not a lot V's hands that they are folding. After running the numbers you have a slight equity advantage but I still think your inflating the pot IMO. This would be his post flop range I put V on after you bet and he calls. (99,77,AJs-A9s,A7s-A2s,KJs-K9s,K7s,Q9s+,Q7s,J9s+,J7s,T9s,T7s,97s,75s+,65s,54s ,ATo-A9o,A7o-A5o,K9o,Q9o,J9o+,T9o)
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