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Re: Interesting 88 hand facing river shove

I put V on any full house or an Ace hoping you fold a chop. My guesstimate is 75% full house, 24% ace high. You would still have 34.4 BB's left otherwise if you lose you have about 12 BB's, and obviously if you win you'd have about 80 BB's.

I think this actually may be more of an ICM question. How well are you doing against your opponents, if they are overly aggressive like this then a call maybe warranted. If this is untypical play and you can chip up other ways then I would fold.

Folding is lower variance that usually equals smaller payouts, while calling I think is higher variance but can usual equal to higher payouts. So I think your question has a lot of merit, and a lot of insight to your answer would be how risk adverse you are.

Side note, I would have checked this flop. Why are you attempting to build a pot with a mediocre hand? There is not a lot V's hands that they are folding. So your just inflating the pot IMO for no apparent reason.

I'm this would be his post flop range. (99,77,AJs-A9s,A7s-A2s,KJs-K9s,K7s,Q9s+,Q7s,J9s+,J7s,T9s,T7s,97s,75s+,65s,54s ,ATo-A9o,A7o-A5o,K9o,Q9o,J9o+,T9o)

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