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Re: Hikaru Nakamura vs Chess Brahs

Yeah, I agree with all of that. Except I do think he has grown up quite a bit. Maybe not as much as he says/thinks but my guess is more than you think .

I think the reason top guys just kind of say "Hikaru is Hikaru" is probably because he doesn't want to be friends with any of them.

He grew up in a chess culture devoid of peers and zero home-grown elite players. He was likely a massive "outsider" at all the European/World junior things. So he has no elite friends and doesn't want any. Wesley So would be the other elite player with no peers but he's 8 years younger and probably more part of the next generation anyway. But other than Wesley, I mean, even Carlsen had Hammer alongside him coming up. I think Naka has a big chip on his shoulder (understandably) where he developed most of his habits on this.

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