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Re: Is it time for me to face reality and quit poker?

I doubt professional poker players enjoy the grind anymore than pro day traders enjoy day trading. The truth is that grinding poker is just ****ing boring.

Right now you're still results oriented. You need those degen tingles to have fun. After many, many hands, you start to get numb to the money. Winning/losing huge pots goes from Woo!/Boo! to ehh/meh.

If you play enough zoom you'll often stop paying attention to whether or not you even won the pot; just moving on to the next hand in a zombie-like trance. Such is the nature of the grind.

Something that helped me was diving into the game theory and trying to understand the game on a more fundamental level. I discovered a site called RangeVsRange which basically let's you play with ranges instead of hole cards, so it's less about trying to win huge pots and more about trying to play a good overall strategy. I also picked up the book Modern Theory of Poker which has a lot of interesting theory. And I joined a few discord groups where I can socialize with other players.

There's more to poker than simply grinding. Try to find some enjoyment in the meta.

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