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Re: Hikaru Nakamura vs Chess Brahs

Originally Posted by The Yugoslavian View Post
Pretty sure Hikaru loves chess. He's always had a bit of a persona "issue" - but I've always thought that's because he actually doesn't try to hide or filter a lot of his thoughts or emotions too much.
Yeah, I agree that it was probably not right for me to say that Hikaru doesn't love chess. That's probably incorrect. I don't think I'm incorrect in saying that he doesn't enjoy sharing chess or teaching chess, though. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt but my gut tells me otherwise.

There's also this undercurrent that professionals tend to be able to sniff out that kids can't. Inside an industry you can kind of glean, through what their peers say about them, how they're viewed. For instance, just about everybody seems to love Aronian. People genuinely give positive vibes about MVL. Fabi is kind of viewed as a determined robot but an unflinchingly humble guy. Magnus is seen as aloof but it's understandable because he's a legit celebrity so he doesn't operate on the same planet as other folks in the industry. Wesley is this super religious prodigy who everybody can't stop talking about how genuinely kind he is. With Hikaru there's not much positive noise and there's certainly plenty of "well, Hikaru's Hikaru" language. Hikaru himself has admitted he wasn't the most friendly guy when he was younger. Where people seem to disconnect is that he claims he's made strides and grown up where I think many folks tend to disagree. They think he's just found an audience commensurate with his level of maturity.
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