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Re: Hikaru Nakamura vs Chess Brahs

Originally Posted by loosekanen View Post
tl;dr Hikaru is not interested in "growing the game" anywhere beyond the $$$ it earns him. He's misplaced as the modern pied piper of chess but is perfectly placed to siphon money from teenagers who are really only interested in the twitch drama around chess. Will it last? We will see. Chessbrah is, imo, well positioned to continue their successes, smaller they be, far into the future because their audience is grown around their own authenticity.
Really well stated. I'd imagine that as soon as the camera is off, Hikaru is the type to laugh at all the idiots paying him sub fees, while the Brahs would talk about how much fun they had with their community.

disclaimer: I've known Eric since he was really young. In fact, I remember beating him when he was about 1900, and thinking after a particular move "this kid just doesn't get it, he has no future in chess".
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