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when dealing with something like midstakes + then yea, but small to micros (where the large majority of action is, and are the games easiest to bot) would represent pretty thin margins for would-be botters who have to hire button clickers.

i guess if you go out to rural china and find people to do it for $5/h it's tenable but if you're that industrious you surely can find better ways to use cheap labor. also quite different from farming gold in videogames in that if the people you hire screw up even once in a while it becomes instantly unprofitable.

i agree that PLO is prime cheating ground. would be a waste of time to collude at holdem by comparison. the scary part is how unsophisticated you'd have to be to manage that. the optimist in me would like to think the sites are at least cracking down on the brazen examples but even that's not so clear. my guess is their precautions is checking for people who have logged in from the same IP and using that as a starting point. seems almost unfathomable that they're scanning through millions of hands daily to test something as subtle as the increased rate at which player x bluffs when player y folded the nut to a 3 flush preflop.
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