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I didn’t pull the trigger live betting and Colby already at -10,000 odds lol.

I have a question for all you sports bettors. If you win $600+ or more and you don’t get W2/1099 do you still have to report it? It says here you have to report it when you win $600 or more in one year...

So my question is... Why the **** do people still bother to gamble on this if we know we gotta give them a chunk of the pie when we risking our own money? Sure there’s way to write it off but you can only write off so much...

I’m asking cuz I’m up a good chunk and haven’t received a W2/1099 when I cashed out my bet slip at a casino or on sportsbook...Is it my job to report it even if casino and sportsbook never gave me any forms to fill out??
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