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Re: MMA Thread

Originally Posted by FRGCardinal View Post
I'll bet your parlay wasn't graded as a loss, though.
Seriously, is that standard? Or should I ***** and moan to Points Bet customer service that, at the very least, they should refund the bet.
When I checked after the draw and before the final fight it was showing as $10 bet with -345 odds. So - my payout would have been about $12.

Gave me a cash out option for $9.17 which I took and then lost by betting on Woodley at +260.

As Swoop said - probably depends on if they had offered a draw bet. I have no idea if Foxbet (which I use) did or not.

Final results from last night was +5.37u, overall up 13.5u since I started in mid-May.

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