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Re: Something from nothing

Originally Posted by lagtight View Post
Thanks for the detailed response.
Oh by the way, compare Aaron's representation of what's been said to what was actually said, note things like the little words he inserts to give himself escape routes like "His interpretation of this is that therefore all my beliefs about God are irrational ", I haven't said that, and he also uses the word 'all' in posts about beliefs not being formed using formal logic. He tries to give himself little weasel exits all the time and deliberately misrepresents what's been said.

Hs dishonesty is off the scale and it's never been as clear as ITT. The OP was never intended to be anything more than a provocation (Which Aaron think is 'stupid' even though he himself uses arguments or ideas that he doesn't believe can be sound or true in order to challenge other arguments e.g. his suggestion that 'both god and the universe could have always existed' that he doesn't believe can be true. Stupid?)

The result of the OP has been Aaron throwing Creationism under the bus to prove a point, and undermining Christian apologetics by claiming that god can't be proven using formal logic. Not exactly insignificant.

He then launched an effort to prove that my beliefs aren't always formed using formal logic (but who knows what he really means here, is he saying that my beliefs aren't always logical or that I don't construct a valid syllogism to justify every single belief I hold? What weasily way has he given himself to escape criticism here?) but when it became apparent that this effort wasn't going to work he's been pretending ever since that he never asked despite me offering the syllogism in multiple posts.

So dishonest.
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