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Re: Something from nothing

Originally Posted by lagtight View Post
Would you describe some of your theological beliefs as "illogical?"
Nope. There are things that I believe that defy the normal order of the universe (for example, that Jesus died and rose again). I can understand why some may conclude that such beliefs are "illogical" (or at least "unreasonable"). But I would not describe them to myself as being illogical.

Edit: MB claims that you have.
Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't notice.

Here's what he's referring to:

Originally Posted by me
I don't believe you can derive "God" in any formal logical sense.
His interpretation of this is that therefore all my beliefs about God are irrational (or at least illogical -- though I'm not sure if/how he might distinguish between the concepts of "rational" and "logical") and that I've abandoned Creation (presumably, meaning that I have rejected the claim that God created the universe). There may have been other things he's said (especially relative to the Kalam Cosomological Argument) that he thinks would follow from that statement as well.
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