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Re: Colorado Poker (Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek)

Originally Posted by gus1112 View Post
Anyone have any updates on Blackhawk? How have the games been? What time do they usually get going?
Games at Ameristar great, lots of people straddling thus with 6 max becomes very fast and aggresive game. Lots of people losing a lot off money fast.
I believe you need twice as big bankroll than 9 max.
Be prepared to play 5 handed because you can still take 45 minute breaks.
So, if you know how to play 6 max and rolled for it (variance will be huge) - games are great.
Games 24/7(1/3 and 2/5)but weekends the best. 30/60 still not running(they had a list going).

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