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Re: The Coriolis Effect

Originally Posted by rjr777 View Post
The Coriolis Effect is bs

If there was any effect bc of the earths rotation then riddle me this...

If a plane traveling from LA to New York is traveling 600mph and the earth rotates west to East at around 1000mph then how does the plane ever get to New York?

The answer is simple: the earth is flat and motionless; fixed and immovable

The plane gets there exactly the minute you expect it to get there using rate x time = distance ... thus there’s no such thing as Coriolis effect

The circular effect that appears to take place could be explained by having a circular disk like plane that we live on with north as the true center point and south being in every direction outwards from due north.
This one’s easy. There’s no such thing as absolute velocity, only velocity relative to some reference frame. The 1000 mph velocity of the earth’s rotating surface is relative to a reference frame attached to a (non-rotating) point at the center of the earth. The plane’s 600 mph velocity is relative to a point (such as LA or NYC) on the surface of the earth. The plane as it sits on the tarmac in LA awaiting clearance to takeoff has a velocity of zero relative to the surface, but 1000 mph relative to the center point — it’s rotating right along with the rest of the surface. When it taxis down the runway, it doesn’t lose that velocity due to earth’s rotation; the plane’s velocity adds to the rotational velocity. As a result, while cruising, the plane is moving 1600 mph relative to the center point, while NYC is only moving 1,000 mph away from the plane. Thus the plane “catches up” to NYC and lands as expected.
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