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Re: Something from nothing

Originally Posted by Mightyboosh View Post
What Aaron doesn't seem to grasp in his manic attempts to disprove practically anything I say, is that I actually couldn't care less if his beliefs are illogical....
And yet you've spent the last 50ish posts pounding the table about my beliefs when I've repeatedly tried to push you to talk about your own argumentation. (You know... the thing you actually started this thread about?)

But... he's spent years attacking my beliefs as illogical...
I've spent years attacking your beliefs as unsupported by the logic you've presented. It's a completely different thing than attacking your beliefs as illogical. If anything, I'm saying that your logic is illogical. Over and over again, you present yourself as having some type of airtight argument to support your beliefs, and I (and countless others) have poked holes in it. And rightfully so. Your arguments tend to suck. You commit all sorts of logical fallacies. Conclusions don't follow from presmises. Repeatedly.

I've also spent years attacking your ability to engage in authentic self-reflection. That's not really a criticism of your particular beliefs as much as it is a criticism of how you hold them. You always present yourself as fully competent when you repeatedly show yourself to be devoid of intellectual capacity. You conflate ideas and then insist that you've never done so. You say one thing, and then a few posts later say the exact opposite (while claiming that you're being completely consistent). The thing that comes to mind most is when you say something like, "Well, I didn't need that argument anyway" and continue onward without taking a moment to rethink your conclusions.

And now he's trying to use logic to persuade me to believe that... Ummmm.....
Oh well... Leave it to MB to focus all of his efforts on the *least* controversial part of my perspective (that not all beliefs are formally derived) and think he's done something grand. This feels like a discussion you have in a freshman level philosophy course when you talk about the use and value of syllogisms. Simply writing a syllogism to support your belief is not what makes it "logical." And not writing a syllogism doesn't make it "illogical."

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