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Re: The AEW Thread

I feel lame shilling for a wrestling company, but AEW is killing it right now and deserves to be talked more on this forum than it does.

Dynamite was great last night and the company has alot of great stories going on. My biggest criticism is that every match tries to be 'too good'. They could really do for more squashes. (MJF had a very effective one last night).

Gold happening in AEW right now:

-Last nights parking lot brawl between Santana/Ortiz and Best Friends was ridiculous. Crazy hardcore fight with some wild spots off cars/trucks/windshields/hoods. Def worth checking out.

-MJF may be the best thing going in wrestling right now. His promos and character work are fire every time, and he's brilliantly slowly setting up a turn/feud with Wardlow while he continues to hunt for Moxley and the title.

-Great long-term story and feud setting up between Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Their tag team is no more, but Page is still hung up on his ex.

-Similarly great story developing between FTR and the Bucks.

-Eddie Kingston cuts a hell of a promo and his 'family' of Butcher, Blade and the Lucha Brothers are setting up nicely to wreak some havoc.

-MIRO has been tabbed as Kip Sabians 'best man'. It's only a matter of time between Miro spectacularly and brutally turns on Kip and destroys him. And then hopefully he'll be off to the races as a top AEW guy.

-AEW just finds such a good/efficient way to maximize their 2 hours each week to highlight so many different wrestlers. All of the above arcs were explored last night while also having time to spotlight or mention:

Moxley vs Team Taz (now with Lance Archer as an ally)
Thunder Rosa/Shida alliance vs Ivalisse/Diamante
Private Party (and Matt Hardy) v Jericho/inner circle
Jurassic Express v FTR

It's amazing what you can accomplish in 2 hours when you don't spend 30+ mins every week showing video clips of what happened 3 weeks earlier!

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