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Re: Something from nothing

Originally Posted by Aaron W. View Post
You forgot to continue your effort to show that "Whatever syllogism you write down will have nothing to do with why you believe what you believe". I guess you got distracted again, or was that just not working out how you'd hoped so now you're pretending that you never said it? More dishonesty.

I'm not particularly attached to the OP and never was, it's sole purpose was to cause the kind of problem for theists that it's caused for you and to see what would be offered to resolve those problems. In order to avoid admitting to special pleading, you instead admitted that your god beliefs are illogical and you abandoned Creation. Now, to try to justify that, you've started this whole new thing about 'not all' beliefs are supported by logic, fine, I never said that they were, but they will be logical or illogical because logic can't not apply to reasoning.

So, here is the syllogism that you asked for, again...

P1) Aaron has admitted that his god beliefs are illogical
P2) Aaron is always truthful
C) It's true that Aaron's god beliefs are illogical

Go ahead, show me how my belief that your god beliefs are illogical isn't informed and justified logically? This is hilarious.

I'm fascinated by this tactic of yours, to avoid having to logically justify your god beliefs by claiming that they're illogical, as if that somehow makes them immune to logical criticism... You're welcome to hold beliefs for whatever reasons you want, but you don't then get to use a tool that you think doesn't even apply to 'all' beliefs to show me that my beliefs are wrong. That's not simply hypocrisy, that's logical incoherence and self defeating.

I can't tell you how much my opinion of you has plummeted during this exchange, I would never defend you again as I did at the beginning of this thread. The only reason I'm still replying is that it's so much fun hoisting you on your own petard.
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