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Re: Something from nothing

Originally Posted by mrmr View Post
Even if Aaron is unwilling and/or unable to justify his beliefs in a compelling way, that doesn't mean he can't participate in a conversation about other people's beliefs and hold them to a standard he cannot meet. (See, for example, all of his posts ever). If you are trying to make the point that he is a hypocrite, fine, done, we get it; next time use the search function, as it has been done before. But if you want to discuss your OP, get on with it already!
I couldn't care less about him being a hypocrite, I do care about his logical incoherence.

The OP had a purpose and it was simply to put theists in a position where they would have to attack an argument that appears to be builty of special pleading, or find some other way to defeat an argument that claims that the universe has a property of having always existed, much as they claim about their god in the cosmological argument. Or to redefine 'something cannot come from nothing' such that it no longer supports the conclusion of the OP, and I imagined that would present new problems for their own argument too. At worst I come out of it with an improved understanding.

I was curious to see what woud be offered.

You're probably not aware of my history with Aaron. If you were you might understand why I'm jumping all over his admission that his god beliefs aren't logical, and his stunning abandoment of Creation in order to resolve the poblem of whether or not god and the universe could both have always existed. Aaron has spent years telling me that I'm (fill in the blank with endless vile insults about how illogical and unintelligent I am) so for him to now admit that his beliefs are not supported by logic, and then to try to logically convince me of a belief that he's trying to show can't be supported by logic.... I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, and it's my thread...

Feel free to address the OP though.
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