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Re: Evidence on RTA case GlitchSystem / Fedor Kruse

Originally Posted by sirin View Post
I don't mean to single you out and of course you're under no obligation to answer or to speak for anyone else, but I'm curious since you are (to my knowledge) the only HSNL reg posting in this thread, although I am sure many more are reading it.

I'm wondering while reading this how big a deal this is, and how the HSNL players are responding in private?

As a midstakes player who is putting in lots of study lately, its hard to know what to think: it seems certain that if this guy was getting away with it, others who are more careful will be too.

I feel like the games are still very beatable at 200 and 500nl, and therefore with more work the higher games will be too, but its difficult to tell if that's wishful thinking.

Do you suspect other top players are using some sort of assistance? How prevalent is it?

Is there any effort among high stakes regs to come up with a plan to deal with this?

Is anyone in touch with serious people working for the sites who are working to prevent this?

How much of a worry is this for the future of online poker?

Lots of opinions in this thread but very few from people who know what it takes to get to the top, would be great to hear your thoughts, or anyone else who is actually beating the high stakes games at the moment.

(apologies if I didn't notice other high stakes regs posting, your thoughts very much appreciated too!)
It's a very big deal. Every cheater takes a lot of money from the game and reduces the amount of players that have trust they are getting a fair game online. Meaning they destroy the game in two major ways.

Pokerstars has a very good system for detecting and dealing with people that may be cheating. It's effective to the degree they put resources (time, man power and money) behind it. I think it's under appreciated how well pokerstars deals with these things since people only see the situations that fall through the cracks and the fringe cases where it's not clearly detectable, it's like reverse survivor-ship bias, you don't see all the cheaters that got caught.

How much resources sites put behind catching cheaters is relevant to the degree the cheaters reduce their bottom line. The problem is cheats destroy the games in two ways that i described above, and only 1 way impacts the bottom line of the operator, when they erode trust to the point players stop playing on their site.

Part of the problem is that most players regs and recs, under-value security. How many regs take a chance with apps? - knowing they have a VERY good chance of getting scammed. Security is not high on the list of most people's priorities.

The 2nd part is that the sites that often do well in security, also do well with KYC checks. This makes it hard for people to deposit, so they go to the less secure sites and the regs flood in behind them.

So that's my opinion on the problem, but i can't offer a great solution. Maybe a step is to educate people about how important security is, and what sites to play or steps to take to improve it. But my overall feeling is that improvements mostly come from systemic changes in regulation, and that's exceptionally unlikely, unfortunately.

A lot of the questions i missed, because they were off thread topic or not for me to comment on.

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