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Re: Something from nothing

Originally Posted by mrmr View Post
But if you want to discuss your OP, get on with it already!
The MB pattern is as well laid out as mine. At some point, he draws the line in the sand and insists that everything is exactly the way he says it is and that he always knows exactly what he's talking about.


Mightyboosh vs. wellnamed, lagtight regarding "materialism" vs "naturalism" vis-a-vis "science" -- MB insists that he's using them to mean the same thing and refuses to change his language, even though it's clearly causing him to commit errors. (Note: See also his statements regarding "1+1=2" as being both a necessary and contingent truth, demonstrating that he's unaware of what he's saying)


Mightyboosh tries to draw some sort of God-analogy ("omnipotence" meaning "unlimited" but also "limited") in the framework of discussing British politics in some other thread. He insists that the problem isn't that "unlimited" and "limited" have opposite meanings and applying them both at the same time leads to problems.


Mightyboosh vs. Original Position regarding foreknowledge, "perfection", and free-will. Also Mightyboosh vs. neeeel on why MB believes that logic is immutable


Mightboosh vs. tame_deuces regarding ... well... here's post #13:

Does memory disprove something I don't think exists..... how do I answer that question... if it doesn't exist, the question is meaningless, and if I grant that free will exists so that I can answer the question, then I just contradicted myself...
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