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Re: Official Outer Limits/Debunking Thread

Originally Posted by Live Forever View Post
What is the flat earth reason for this?

Itís perspective.. from the outer boundaries aka Southern Hemisphere (itís not a sphere but itís the outside of a gigantic circle) you see the counter clock wise motion.

Stars prove a stationary and flat cosmogony. The stars/constellations have never changed after hundreds of years maybe even thousands in recorded history. I know in my 30 or so years Iíve noticed the star formations the same as when I was a kid.

If the earth is spinning 1000mph and moving around sun at 66,600 mph and the whole solar system is moving in a 3rd direction which is what official science says then it shouldnít be possible that stars havenít changed position. They should change by the second if itís moving in 3 directions... certainly change night after night and after months and years they should look nothing alike. But nope the stars are fixed in the firmament rotating like clockwork the total predictability.

TLDR: weíre moving in 3 directions the stars/constillations should have changed by now
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