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Re: $109 KO calling it off for 10bb with QJhh

Originally Posted by dingdongdonkey View Post
Ok, sorry for being an idiot. So what you're saying is it's a no brainer call, in your opinion?

Just to reiterate, I barely ever play MTT so I actually have no clue.

What about this one:

Does this even matter? Would the situation change if I had say 3 villains in this category on my table?
I didn't mean to imply you are an idiot. Villain will be shoving close to ATC here as your bounty makes it fine for him to get it in for far less than it would otherwise.

As to your second question, yes, it makes a difference! The more stacks you cover, the more incentive you have to get into pots with those whose bounties you can win.

For more, I highly recommend Dara O'Kearney's book on PKO poker. If you are playing bounty tournaments regularly, it is a must read.
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