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Interesting 88 hand facing river shove

$50 ACR $50k guarantee. We are not yet ITM and bubble is probably a good 3-4 levels aways. No more re-entry.

I have around 45 bbs and am in MP. V has around 33 bbs and is BB. V is on aggressive side, seen him make a few shoves, but hasn't been called.


I open to 2.2 bbs with 8c8h. V defends.

Flop (6 bbs): 5h7c9h. V x/cs my 2.4 bb c-bet.

Turn (10.8 bbs): 7h. V leads for 6 bbs! I call with my pair, draws and position, also figuring V recognizes he has range advantage.

River (22.8 bbs): 9d. V shoves 22.4 bbs. What's my move here? This shove seemed really bluffy to me as he was not repping a 9 with his turn bet and he set up pot size river shove with his sizing.

Thoughts on all streets welcome and appreciated.
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