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Re: Colorado Poker (Black Hawk, Central City, Cripple Creek)

Originally Posted by bolt2112 View Post
Florida poker room supervisor here, just cruising the 2p2 boards. There's no conceivable win rate that would convince me to play in a room without dividers and no table full of generous tippers that would convince me to deal in such a room.

Be prepared to see players sitting without their mask on for minutes at a time while they nurse a bottle of water. Or the guy who can't figure out that his mask is worthless if it only covers his mouth and not his nose. Or the guy who goes out for a cigarette and forgets to put it back on when he returns inside. Or the guy who always lowers his mask when he talks because he has this belief that otherwise nobody will hear him.

Good luck with this.

I think there is a typo. I believe that you meant to state you’re a “Former Florida poker room supervisor...”

If not, then I’m curious how much they are paying Florida poker-room supervisors anyway?
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