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PartyPoker NJ lost my business yesterday/today. They sent me multiple invites to their WPT main event satellite, which I then attempted to register to. Got a message no ticket, so I contacted customer support a few days before and was told "Everything is good on our end you're registered, come back Saturday." I follow that log in Saturday and can't register, I contact customer support again put on hold until I get disconnected no follow up call. I call back after the disconnect and talk to someone else about the issue, they tell me I'll have a response in 24 hours. I tell them I don't have 24 hours, they say the'll put a note in to have them respond in time. I call 30 minutes before the start of the game and I'm told to hold. 40 minutes later I'm told they've been having issues with that, it has to go to another department to be handled. So I figure there won't be a fix... about 2 minutes to 7 they say they've issued me a ticket to the other freeroll that starts at 7. I go to log in and register... guess what? No ticket available. Get back in touch with customer support they try to figure things out for another 30 minutes - tournament is out of late registration and told I'll get a response from the proper department. I get a response later asking me to screen shot it not letting me enter... a tournament that's been running for hours... with no late registration available. Sure that's going to happen. I let them know their own schedule and say I can't do that. Eventually today I get a message saying there's nothing more that they can do and no explanation as to why, or how it happened. My two cents, if they can't even issue a ticket correctly why would I trust them with my money?

TLDR: Poker site invites me to multiple freerolls, plays run around with customer service and doesn't allow me to register to said tournaments.
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