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Evidence on RTA case GlitchSystem / Fedor Kruse

We didn’t think it would be necessary to publicly put all the in depth information out there and were trusting the various sites to do their job properly & fast with all the provided proof – this unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case. At this point it is also clear that GlitchSystem (Fedor Kruse) is not going for the honest path (admitting & apologizing for what he has been doing) but instead keeps building up his web of lies. Creating this post has been contemplated & thought through a lot by all the people having an interest in revealing the truth & that is why it took some time to go public with all the evidence. In the following passages all the information/prove there is will be disclosed and everyone will be able to get an idea of what was/is going on and decide for themselves if GlitchSystem is guilty or innocent.

First of all the text Stars Security has been provided with by the roommates (the original text was sent in German & then later got translated by Stars into English – so the exact wording might be off sometimes):

Unfortunately this has not been taken serious for a long period of time, the account hasn’t even been blocked for investigations and GlitchSystem could continue to play normally - the actual investigation only recently got started when several German Highstakes Players (MTTs & Cashgames) brought up what they found to be potential evidence and reported GlitchSystem as well. Without even knowing that he has already been reported they got suspicious by his abrupt upmoving in stakes and the weirdly perfect lines from a player that less than a year ago was seen as “spot/shitreg” on only NL200. The German crew has been railing his games, solved hands that looked suspicious (to mostly find it was played perfectly) and kept building up more and more evidence. Here is what they found:

On 8th September PokerStars & GGNetwork got provided with even more clear evidence in case GlitchSystem. Screenshots of chats in which Kruse was talking about his “dream machine” including explanation – the mail they got provided with:

#1 - a screenshot of Niklas' whatsapp conversation with Fedor. Fedor bragging about a hand where he called down two pair on a 4 card flush board stating he was shocked you gotta call that combo 100% of the time on the River - Niklas reacting mad already just saying "you played with solver anyways" and Fedor replying "YES but Sandro & me were shocked" (side note - Sandro is his German friend who made the solves with him - nosuperstarr on Stars / forgermany on N8)

#2 - a screenshot of Manuels discord conversation with Fedor. Fedor stating "without dream machine you will be destroyed by the regs" ... "I actually even play HU (heads up) and just use BTN vs BB (talking about these specific solves)" "also works quite well"

#3 - since we clearly forbid him to use his assistance in our apartment & told him we do not tolerate it anymore and if he keeps using it we'll have to report him he was afraid and asked Manuel to play on PokerStars 200z stating "yo - will be clicking 200z without machine - for real - just so you know - no tables open and I wanna click"

#4 - same thing like in #3 - Fedor asking Manuel over whatsapp to play 200z - "will be clicking zoom and won't be using solves I promise"

Setup picture 1 - here you can clearly see him having his 2 mouse, 2 keyboards & the cheating monitor to his left with the folders where he has stored the solves for every single cashgame spot. On the grind monitor we can see him sitting the N8 tables & currently playing a hand on ACR.

Setup picture 2 - here he even has the solver (simple postflop) open and is using it for a River spot on ACR as we can see on the other monitor.

Who is his German friend & what’s his role in this – all the information there currently is:
- His real name appears to be Sandro
- Kruse has been online friends with him for years, talking over discord regularly, playing games etc. – but for unknown reasons Sandro always avoided real life contact and even videocalling with him
- His Starsname is nosuperstarr (longterm 100z grinder) and his N8 name is forgermany
- Sandro has been renting servers to mass script and create the required database
- It appears Sandro has not been using the assistance himself but instead only sold the massive database to Kruse and had action in some of his games
- It is unclear if he has been giving it to other players as well
- If someone has been in contact with this guy or even has been contacted to also use RTA please speak out

Apparently Kruse has accused the room mates of hating him and making this all up which seems pretty absurd especially in contrary to the recent Twitch comment stating “they both had action in my highstakes games” – which basically is admitting he cheated but kind of trying to justify it with HEY they had action ?!

Roommates statement to the accusation of having action in Kruse’s games:
Yes, the roommates did have action but this does not reflect the minority of games in which this was the case – so to what extent and in which games exactly will be fully disclosed now:

Manuel had action in exactly two games that totalled in only a few hours of play. 5% in an NL10k game and 2% in an NL40k game as you can see in the screenshots below.

Niklas had 2.5-5% in Fedor’s games over a period of two weeks in May as you can see in the screenshot. 26th May was the last time he ever had action in Kruse.

It was easy to get excited about the highstakes games going on and seeing 40.000$+ pots and having that thrill when railing a highstakes table where you got a small piece of action yourself while almost forgetting about that all this was based on cheating other hardworking players. At some point Manuel & Niklas had a long talk and realized together how this escalated, how many people are being damaged by Kruse and that this had to come to an immediate end. A dinner meeting has been summoned including Kruse, Niklas, Manuel and Henri Bühler. Kruse once again agreed to stop using ingame assistance and actually came up with the plan of going back to MTTs (since without his assistance he could not have been playing cashgames profitably). After taking a few days off from Poker he slowly returned back to highstakes cashgames – starting with NL1/2k to make it not too obvious for his roommates that he is still cheating and quickly moving up to the highest stakes again. From this point on progressing to the future up to recently he allegedly has been using the solver less and less while proudly claiming to his roommates that he was good enough in SRPs already and only uses it for tough 3bet and 4bet pots these days.

The roommates buying action in Kruse's games clearly was a mistake and the fact that it has only been for a minority of the thousands of games Kruse has been playing over the months should not be an excuse for unintendedly supporting all this by buying action - nonetheless the honest path has been chosen and the offer to also transition to highstakes cashgames by using Kruse's dream machine has never been an option for both roommates & was always clearly denied.
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