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Re: Hi!! Please helping me to reading Villain in this hand!!

If we were V, we would cbet 88. Would we cbet QQ ? Maybe...

This hand is actually a textbook Janda example, so I’m just going to cut/paste from an Upswing summary. Keep in mind that Hero is deciding on the cbet and opponent is in BB.

OP if you read your hand again in this context, it should provide a rationale behind why your opponent should (be more likely to) bet or check this flop. Then look at your own blockers and see how V range looks.

- -

Why do we bet?

1. To build a bigger pot in case we win it, and/or
2. To prevent our opponent from realizing their equity

Simply put, V betting with 88 will deny more equity from Hero’s range compared to betting QQ

When we bet, the Big Blind will fold some hands in his range (such as the weakest A-highs and Q-highs, plus the lower high card hands like T9).

When we hold QQ, those hands have extremely little chance to win the pot (they need to hit runner runner straights, flushes, trips or two-pair). Additionally, by checking we give him the chance to bluff on later streets or hit a pair lower than QQ that will pay us off. On the other hand…

When we hold 88, those hands have significant equity to draw out on us. For instance, QT offsuit has 27% equity against our 88 on the K♦ 6♥ 4♣ board. Forcing our opponent to fold a hand with 27% equity is a victory for us. To put this into perspective, the nut flush draw (A♥ 6♥) has roughly the same equity against top set (K♣ K♦) on a K♥ 9♥ 7♠ board.

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