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Re: Flatting a 3 Bet when you don't close the action

Originally Posted by wazz View Post
I can conceive of folding some trashy rainbow AAxx otb 150bb deep against certain tight openers and tight 3bettors, but my default is not to fold, either 4betting or flatting because my range for doing so is significantly wider than just AAxx. If my opponents are so tight that I think AA38r is a fold, we should be able to generate tons of profit by cold-4betting a reasonable range of hands that flop very well, including Axxx. If I'm in doubt about whether they 3b or get it in light, then I'll move a bunch of those hands into the cold-flatting range. But finding reasons to fold AAxx preflop in position is not a money spinner.
I checked some solver ranges and in this exact spot it folds something like 1% of aaxx, 25% of aaax. Most of the aaxx that fold are aaax rainbow.

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