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Re: stud 8: aces up facing weird action

Good points and good posts, thanks, guys.

- I do think solid player would raise KK/QQ on 3rd. So I agree with you guys when you say he has FD + K in the hole often here.

- And as such yeah I think I missed clear value with the best hand by not jamming 6th. Solid player absolutely is raising kings up here. I think I got into my own head a bit because he's my friend and he knows I literally have 2p+ here on 6th - sees me as good and solid. Like I know he'll expect me to have a legit hand at this point and I got rattled. But I think this is not how I want to be looking at poker situations.

- And yeah I do feel underrepped, given all that was mentioned. And as such I am definitely too high in range to fold river, on average.

- FWIW I think solid player will play his kings up cautiously OTR and check.

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