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Re: stud 8: aces up facing weird action

I'd prefer raising or folding QQ3 or KK3 in his spot as these hands much prefer hu action and inviting more low doors in is particularly unhelpful. If the antes were bigger it's even more clear those hands should raise but still a significant pot in the middle because 8 handed. So I'm discounting those trips.

I think you have a three bet on 6th. solid player only kc 5th when he should absolutely kr if he were rolled up and xx784 checks, so discounting those too. his raise could also be with diamonds ith and has picked up two way equity and with all the discounts I'm giving trips we should still have great 3way equity against him. Our sixes block rec player's straights and he just cc so unlikely to have it. Doesn't strike me as too ambitious but interested in feedback.

As played I grit my teeth and call 7th and wonder if I can fold if jammed further. Either one can have a hand that beats you for high but can also have hands that benefit by knocking out your mediocre highs. If anything, you're a little underrepped. complete 3rd, kc 4th, *only* bet when check to on 5th, only bc 6th. Too high in your range to give up just yet.

If you can find a tempo call here I would feel a little better about folding to a jam. thinking just invites more shots at you the second time around, imo.
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