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stud 8: aces up facing weird action

Quarter ante structure, 8-handed.

2s brings in

I raise Ac As | 4d

8h, Ks, Td, Js fold

3c calls, 7c calls

xx | 3c 5s
xx | 7c 8c
Ac As | 4d Jd

I check, 35 bets, 78 calls, I call

xx | 3c 5s Qd
xx | 7c 8c 4h
Ac As | 4d Jd 6h

35Q checks, 784 inexplicably checks, I bet, they call

xx | 3c 5s Qd Kd
xx | 7c 8c 4h 9h
Ac As | 4d Jd 6h 6c

I bet, 35QK raises, 7849 calls

The player with 35QK is a solid player. The 7849 is a very recreational player. Borderline maniac sometimes, so the fact that he's passive here is kinda weird.

I think a bit about what solid guy has. I don't think he'd slowplay rolled up to this point. Pocket QQ seems unlikely as I think he'd just jam 5th with his set. Pocket KK maybe? But there was a dead K. I suppose it makes more sense than 333 or QQ, though, as I don't think he'd jam 5th with just KK vs 784 board.

Rec player plays trash. I think if he had anything remotely decent he would have made a lot more noise on 3rd, 4th, and 5th. So I see him as drawing here, mostly.

Overall, it feels like I'm too high in my range to consider folding, and I can make a full house on the river in worst case scenario. I also am trying to get away from hero folds based on reads. So I call and plan on calling river assuming nothing bad happens.

River 3s

I check, solid player bets, and rec player raises. Meh

Thoughts? Thanks

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