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Re: Flatting a 3 Bet when you don't close the action

So if he is 100% or 90% or whatever going to 4B to 96 then part of your consideration should be how often the 3Bettor will call or jam and if it would include cards that cover yours.

Because an option to think about would be that you can run it three ways for 150BB each then, so I’d be curious to see what the odds are versus say AAxx and QQJ10 or whatever hands. How close to 33% would you be? I think quite on it or above versus a lot of typical hands from players that would do that, including AKQJ type hands too.

If he is going to fold then you’d be faced with a call of 72 to win 300 and wouldn’t have the right price to set or flush draw mine? Or would you? I could use some help there if anyone knows the math and chances of having dominated flush draws. My gut is you would need to fold.

I think it gets interesting when the original player knows his 4B is going to be highly profitable and look like certain AA and becomes capable of 4betting rundowns with the intention of downbet bluffing paired flops or some other lockdown boards like QJT
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