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Resteal attempt on LAG bubble abuser one hand after bubble

$50k guarantee on ACR. V2 was big stack at table (approx 70 bbs) with no one else above 35 bbs and rightly abusing his opponents as bubble approached -- I was next most active but muscled out a few times by V2. This is the next hand after bubble burst and I wanted everyone's thoughts on my light 4! jam given that the dynamic changed after bubble.


I open from LJ (26 bbs) to 2 bbs with Ad9d.

V1 (24 bbs) calls from CO.

V2 raises from BU to 7.5 bbs.

I jam.

What do you guys think about this play? For the whole time I was at table with V2 we were in bubble dynamic so I don't have any read on him pre/post bubble. But I thought I'd give a resteal a shot here with my stack's fe and A blocker.

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