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Re: 700 BB 3/6 hand

I actually think this hand is a good candidate for checking on the flop. A couple of weeks ago I would always bet like top two or bottom or middle set here, but then I watched this video where a guy was doing solver analysis, and the solver was often checking back bottom or middle set especially without backup on these dynamic boards when spr was still relatively high. And it makes a lot of sense, because people will never think you have a strong made hand after checking back the flop (so they end up betting marginal hands into you, and betting or calling on your best runouts), and there are also a lot of turns you don't like. If we just always bet our strong hands and check when we are weak then we become very exploitable. And since we are doing a lot of checking on these super dynamic boards, we want to be checking a lot of strong hands as well, specifically sets or top two without any backup. Not getting it in against top set is a tertiary benefit, but is nice as well.
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