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Re: 700 BB 3/6 hand

Originally Posted by OmahaDonk View Post
What hands are raising here for value at SPR 14 besides AKJhh and QQ?

ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation
1,534,220 trials (Exhaustive)
board: QT6
Hand Pot equity Wins Ties
KcKsTcTd17.09% 259,1596,099
(AhKJh, AhKhJ, QQ):20%82.91% 1,268,9626,099
I mean I stack off with a lot of hands here on coordinated boards with the spr. ahqhjt ahqjht ahkhqt ahkqht etc khqhjt khqjht etc I mean I could go on and on. I personally usually stack off with any ahqh type hand most of the time as it's equity vs draws is amazing it blocks qq which is usually people's only value stack off hand and has decent enough equity vs it. I also stack off with aahh aakj akqj etc type hands. The issue that I'm trying to exploit as there are a lot of hands with a lot of equity on this board that people won't stack off with so it's incredibly profitable to deny equity A LARGE amount of the time and your range will have decent equity vs narrow ranges if well constructed. Just think about it this way if I stack off vs your proposed range w/ Ahqx you literally only can have combos QQxx exactly to stack off vs me. How often is it really the case that opponent flops top set exactly especially when you are blocking combos of it w/ a q. When you add in the equity of the hand its impossible for you to defend against aggression with such a narrow range. This is obviously a oversimplification but the point is you just won't have enough hands to defend and your equity when you do defend is lower than it would be on non cordinated boards which makes it very difficult to defend against wide ranges when your range is so narrow. The general rule I learned is the more coordinated the board the wider you have to defend to be unexploited. This is a pretty coordinated board especially in a raised pot expected preflop ranges. The SPR of 14 really isn't that high in this type of situation compared to like 994r.

Your stack off range seems too narrow. The more narrow your stack off range the less you can have qq in your flop raising range since your flop calling range is inherently wider and you don't want to weaken it vs mindless aggression this deep.

I think we systemically view the hand very differently. I think A LOT OF PEOPLE PROBABLY HAVE A RANGE SIMILAR TO WHAT YOU ARE DESCRIBING. HOWEVER I THINK THE RANGE IS TERRIBLY CONSTRUCTED FOR TONS OF REASONS. So would I play the hand with that given range in mind and fold KKTT here a lot probably. Would it be a GTO strategy vs a solver or is it rigorous to exploitable adjustments HELL NO

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