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Re: New Jersey Online Poker Thread

Originally Posted by rjr777 View Post
I’m not advocating for doing it or anything nefarious... I tend to agree it’s “near” impossible... that’s why I’m taking that side of bet

But my friend is in IT and thinks he can do it and I was under impression you can’t. I tried to bet $100 he couldn’t do it but he insists on $5k minimum bet which makes me think he knows something I don’t.

The funny thing is my friend doesn’t even want to play on the site and nor do I... it’s just one of those IT debate type things that he thinks bc his internet goes “through” New Jersey that he would be able to do it.

The funniest part is he won’t even attempt to do it without a minimum of 5k wagered. He doesn’t even want to waste the time downloading. I said let’s just make a friendly wager gentleman’s bet for no money and he refuses.

So it’s 5k or nothing
Yeah, your friend thinks that being on his company intranet is enough to circumvent geolocation detection for NJ sites. They are more sophisticated than that. I'm not up on the latest, but I think you are required to prove your location through a cellphone? Either way, they use more than your IP address for location detection.

But with that said, I wouldn't bet against him.
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