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Re: The Coriolis Effect

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Originally Posted by 1&onlybillyshears
However, I am told that 2 reference frames are not required, only one. Mathematically this may be the case, but not physically - with only a rotating frame a Coriolis force does not become apparent, you just rotate. But with motion with respect to this frame, a Coriolis effect becomes apparent as the body is viewed from the perspective of the rotating frame. So physically there are 2 frames, one in which the body is moving (inertial) and one from which the body is viewed (non inertial rotating)
This has been debated for 300+ years. Newton held the view that rotation was absolute and not simply relative to some inertial frame. The Einstein/modern view is that the universe supplies a chosen reference frame in which distant galaxies are not rotating and that defines 0 rotation. But that brings up the obvious question. We know that centrifugal forces cause rotating planets to bulge at the sides, so are we really going to say that if the entire universe was just one planet in empty space centrifugal forces would cease to exist and it wouldn’t be meaningful to talk about whether it was rotating or not? I think most people have some issues with that but experiment obviously doesn’t allow us to test it either way[/quote]
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