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Re: New Jersey Online Poker Thread

Originally Posted by AK89 View Post
Can he get me a job in Secaucus? Sort of serious. I'm good with math.

I understand there have been players that have been able to play in the past due to being near the PA/NJ border. Also, players that have not been able to play due to being near the border. I do believe Geolocation have made great strides. Currently, it isn't recognizing my location and I live in Jersey so I am unable to play. The only recommendation I get from their Support is to play on their App which does work, but it's not ideal since I like to multi-table and play on my PC. Good luck if you take this bet
Iíll ask... itís a lot of Ethernet cables.. are you good with packets?

Ya Iíve heard some crazy stuff about the geolocation or whatever... I was hoping someone would come in here and know for sure if itís possible/impossible... I donít trust these it robot guys
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