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Set on a monotone board.

3/6 online home game. It’s a soft game, no one is very good but V is better than average, probably break even due to rake. Has some light 3 bets and bluffs compared to most, but he’s still on the passive side. I don’t have a large sample on him.

I open CO for pot with 9887 no hearts, V 3 bets BB for pot.

Flop: 843 all hearts.

V 1/2 pot I call.

Turn 9x. We have 1.25x pot behind.

V pots it.

H? Seems like a clear shove?

Any advice on how to go about studying this spot would be appreciated. Hold em is easy because I can look at equilab or pokercruncher and assign him a range and check my equity against that range, not sure if that’s possible with PLO given the number of combos. Is it possible to really study these spots without a solver? Do I just need to keep playing and just eyeball what kind of ranges people show up with?
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