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Hi Trust, thanks for your interest in the books (and thanks to Mason for fielding these questions already).

The math is not complicated, nowhere near what you'd find in MoP. Mathematical reasoning is important, but computation is not. I sometimes use algebra to demonstrate the proof of a concept, but even that is not essential if you're willing to take my word for it :-)

As Mason, it's a dense book, but I don't think a lot of background knowledge is required other than rudimentary math (high school algebra is plenty) and poker/hold 'em familiarity. The original POP especially is more about explaining things conceptually than getting into the details. There's more detail in POP 2, but even there the conceptual is front and center.

This is also, I think, the fundamental difference from Modern Poker Theory. I think MPT is a great book. I reference it often for my own playing purposes, and I cite it in POP 2. But MPT emphasizes the details much more than the concepts. You'll get fewer pie charts and more explanation of the "why" in the POP books.

I reduced the price of the POP e-book by 67% when POP 2 came out, so essentially, the answer to your question about a discount is yes. In fact, you get the discount even if you don't buy POP 2 :-)

The paperbacks are only available through Amazon, so I'm not able to offer a unilateral discount on those.
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