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Maka, the story of Cepheus is really quite fascinating just based on what little I know. As I understand the algorithm, they basically just taught it the rules of HUHU LHE and had it play against itself a zillion times until it was ridic close to the solution for the game. Using this "simple" technique, they got far closer to the solution than they had in almost a decade of working on the project. For example, Polaris was the first HUHU LHE bot to defeat a top human (HossTBF). But they estimated that Polaris was something like .85 BB/100 from a perfect GTO solve. I suspect that the 2008 version of Polaris was still strong enough to beat today's top players. But interestingly, I suspect that today's top humans would significantly outperform Polaris against a recreational player since their exploitative arsenal is so powerful while Polaris just spams a static strategy.

What I find most interesting is that the algorithm used to build Cepheus sounds almost exactly like the one used to build AlphaGo and AlphaZero, the bots that made headlines by dominating Go and chess respectively. Those 2 bots are considered revolutionary, so it is super cool that the Cepheus team managed to get there 5 years before AlphaZero and AlphaGo. If I were less lazy, I would check to see if some members of the Cepheus team worked on the chess and Go bots.
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